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The first month in my new flat has meant many things - including multiple trips to Ikea, late nights spent flat-packing, a lengthy wait for Internet installation, and numerous flat parties - but notably also, the time and space with which to rediscover [and refine] my beauty stash. Throw in a few new launches [of which there are always many at this time of year] and it's been a busy month of swatching and sniffing, culminating in a lengthy list of favourites, narrowed down to the below five for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

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Oh, hey. Long, long, long time no see. Forgive my radio silence over the past few months; juggling a full-time job with thesis writing, three weeks in the Canadian wild, a fortnight sleeping on a friend's couch, and a hectic house move [try hauling all of your belongings across a city without a car] left little [read: no] time for any extra-curricular beauty writing. I'm easing myself back into the swing of things [yes, content should resume a regular schedule within the next few weeks] with a roundup of some of my favourite products from the past month. I've spent the majority of it living out of a carry-on, relying on a selection of chosen favourites and new launches as the mainstay of my beauty routine. Needless to say, now that I'm settled in a new flat - complete with spacious bathroom - I'm looking forward to 'rediscovering my stash'.

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Working as a beauty writer practically requires me to turn up at work wearing as little product as possible – a blank canvas if you will – to be smothered and swatched in potions and pigments from 8 ‘till 5 - which means that I keep my morning makeup routine fairly minimal. What’s more, I am a trademark lazy girl, especially when it comes to rising at 5.30 five days a week – so I’ve started to rely on just the few beauty staples that really make a difference. These products are easy to apply, versatile, and make my face look put together but not overdone.

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Until now, the concept of 'selfie-proof' makeup has had an admittedly gimmicky feel to it, for sure. But in launching The Estée Edit, Estée Lauder have tapped into a younger selfie-taking generation, with smart, savvy formulas based on the wealth of scientific research for which the company is so well known. Going above and beyond existing contributions to the market with a range of products that well and truly think outside the (makeup) box.

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It's often said that fashion writers shop for a living, but beauty writers? A significant portion of our job [on top of pitching articles, interviewing experts, brainstorming, writing, briefing etc etc] is actually trying the myriad of products out there in order to inform you what's worth spending your hard-earned pennies on. Every evening is an experimentation in a new wrinkle-reducing face cream, multitasking hair oil, or long-lasting lipstick, so trust me when I say that the products that make it into my Grace Notes posts are well and truly the best of the bunch,

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Despite numerous and frequent facelifts, one thing has remained a constant in the lifespan of this blog [which turned three last month!]; the monthly favourites post may have fallen from favour with some, but remains by far one of my favourite posts to compile. And, As a blog reader myself, such features not only indicate a genuine passion for beauty but also demonstrates personality and individuality in a sea of clickbait post titles. Essentially, favourites posts take us back to blogging basics - honest, transparent reviews of the products we love most

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I've been trying to stay loyal to the products I use [in attempt both to streamline my collection and to keep my complexion in check], but in the past month beauty has played a bigger role than ever in my life so it's been hard. I've had increasing exposure to and opportunities to try the latest and greatest in beauty launches - a few of which I've debriefed on below.

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As spring is well and truly here [evident in the severe case of April showers I endured on my commute this morning], I thought it only fitting to debrief on my favourite of the latest slew of spring makeup collections. First up, Clarins, a brand whose seasonal collections never fail to delight. Instant Glow is less a premature adaptation of high-fashion summer beauty trends [as so many spring collections tend to be], and more an offering of transitional beauty products - dictated by the needs of everyday women, rather than catwalk diktat. Designed to restore a fresh and radiant [but inherently natural] glow to dull post-winter skin; the wearable, flattering shades will assimilate seamlessly within your routine, as suitable for workwear as they are for weekend antics.

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Beauty-wise, February for me is never about extravagant, indulgent beauty purchases - emerging from the rear end of winter with dull skin and frizzy hair calls for products that do exactly what they say they will. The past month has been one of the busiest of my life, and my lifestyle has more than reflected in my beauty picks this month; five products all with one thing in common, the ability to perform at maximum potential with minimal effort required.

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February 14th falling on a Sunday means you can devote the entire day to primping and preening; whether in preparation for date night or by means of luxeing up your 'secret single behaviour'. If your sweetheart has scheduled a candlelit dinner, schedule extra prep time to indulge before arming yourself with with your beauty secret weapons [there's no underestimating the power of lipstick and perfume]. And for single gals? On perhaps the one day when it's not only allowed, but also actively encouraged to splurge on oneself, a few chic upgrades to your regular beauty routine can go a long way. At the very least, today is the ultimate excuse for a girl to indulge during a rare free moment in her overpacked schedule.

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