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Any trip home for the festive season requires a calculated effort on the packing front. Fitting a week’s worth of loungewear and cosy knits in around carefully wrapped presents and those select pieces of laundry you trust only to your mum’s washing machine [wisdom] leaves little room for anything more than the bare necessities when it comes to beauty. For this reason I cultivate a skincare edit consisted almost entirely of samples and miniatures in order to efficiently accommodate the many requirements for a suitably festive makeup look.

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They may have fallen from favour within the wider blogging community, but I will always remain both an avid reader and committed author of monthly favourites posts. I will always relish a peek into another's bathroom cabinet or makeup bag, and the idea of presenting a capsule collection of beloved beauty products to you on a monthly basis still excites me - barely has the month begun and I am already racking up a list of likely candidates. Today, meet five firm favourites from October, the best of the best of the month. 

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