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'Glow' is the undisputed beauty buzzword of the season, with everything from foundation to toner promising to infuse skin with radiance and dewiness. Enter masking, where recent launches [notably the Origins mask immediately below - the inspiration for this feature] prove that masks are no longer simply divided between just two camps [moisturising and cleansing]. Instead, thanks to innovative formulas and high-tech ingredients, we can now anticipate bright, dewy, and healthy skin in a matter of moments. For, in order to achieve truly radiant skin, we need to go that extra step further than simply a basic skincare routine. Face masks may appear to be the one-stop wonders of the skincare world, but when used on a frequent and regular basis, will make all the difference in boosting your skin to next level luminosity.

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Summer's beauty products have a lot to live up to; from withstanding the rigours of travel to countering the effects of heat and fatigue, the products that prove their prowess are as much lifetime winners as they are seasonal ones. Having spent the first half of the month travelling in 30+ degree temperatures, and the second suffering a summer cold with a discernibly dull and grey vista from my window, these products have more than proven their versatility in meeting every requirement upon the season's agenda.

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