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Like most people, when the weather shifts to winter mode my skin takes on new characteristics; it demonstrates a difficulty in retaining moisture by not playing well with the makeup I apply, and reacts to anything my body disagrees with with heightened sensitivity. My worst hormonal breakouts have occurred in the winter months, and whilst for nine months of the year my complexion is far from dry, come winter, redness and dry patches make their ritual appearance. These symptoms are from from unusual given the seasonal and environmental stressors at play, but call for a powerhouse skincare routine that features tried, tested, and hydration-oriented products.

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For me, autumn is in many ways the clean slate of the calendar, a time for fresh starts in almost every aspect of life, so more than appropriate an occasion for a skincare reboot. Likewise, it goes without saying that a change in seasons goes hand-in-hand with a ritual skincare edit; and the summer-autumn transition brings with it a sudden change in climate that calls for appropriate skincare tweaks.

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